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Moving to a new Server

Sorry for the site issues, We are currently moving to a new server.

Server Errors

We are experiencing some Server Issues. We hope to have this resolved this weekend.


Posting Fixed

We have fixed the posting issues. You should be able to post free reptile ads again.

Posting Issues

We are having some issues with the posting form. We will be down as far as posting ads till I can get this fixed. I will post an update, once I resolve the issues. You can still view the ads.

William Lee

Classified Ads back online

We have the classified ads back online.

William Lee

Classified Ad Postings Offline

We will be taking the ad posting offline as we are working on an issue with the images. Estimated downtime will 1 - 2 days. Check back soon for news of when the ad posting will be back online.

William Lee added to our reptile network

We have decided to add to our reptile classified network. We will be setting up a banner advertising system within our network of sites instead of running a separate site.

Reptile Directory Coming Soon

I am working on adding a reptile website directory. Will have listings for private sites, breeders, information, shops... All free to add your site. Hope to roll this out within by the end of June.

If you have any suggestions for features to this set of reptile sites feel free to send me a message via this contact form

Email Issues resolved

We had an issue with the email contact form on the classified ad. We have that fixed now. We appreciate people letting us know that we had the issue.

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